Introducing Poppycock!

Hello hello!

Long time no see! I am not sure if anyone is still viewing this blog, I sort of stopped posting after my advance web design class ended over a year ago. I have not forgotten about it though, I had a lot of fun writing Claptrap and sometimes I even entertain the idea of reviving it.

Not today however, today my time is occupied by a bigger project, one that I have actually mentioned here before. In case you have no idea what I’m talking about I am referring to my own personal webcomic Poppycock!


That’s right, after years of toying around with my own ideas, characters, and stories I have finally strung them all together to make Poppycock comic. And with great joy I would like to direct your attention to where you will find that I just launched my first couple pages this past Sunday.

My comic will update every Sunday in fact so I urge you to check it out.

You can find more information about Poppycock on the website in the About page, as well as in the front page blog and in the under comic blog. So if you enjoyed reading my stuff you will be happy to know I am writing again over there.

I hope you like it 🙂



Review: A Super Girly Top Secret Comic Diary

In my last post I showed you all the very first webcomic I ever read, today I am going to talk about the first webcomic to inspire me to begin creating my own (though none of my comics are available online yet). Most anyone who has read webcomics will recognize the above image to be from Erika Moen’s hilarious autobiographical comic Dar, but I still have some housekeeping to do before I begin talking about it.

For those of you who have never seen Erika’s work before I must warn you it is very much NSFW. In fact, though I had a lot of fun going back and searching through Dar’s archives all over again, I had an extremely hard time finding previews for this post that did not include some form of nudity and/or sex toys. However the nudity portrayed is in no way pornographic, its actually very cartoony and most of the time makes the joke. So people, having said all that I ask that you read on with an open mind! 🙂

Let me begin by saying how much I love this comic, and it’s author to boot. I first read Dar back in 2010, my freshman year of college, I laughed out loud at just about every fart and dick joke Erika threw in there (In other words the entire comic). Three years later having read it all again today I laughed just as hard! Part of me thinks I enjoy it so much because of how often I can relate to her character and how much her portrayal of her marriage mirrors my own relationship, but then the other part is pretty sure I’d think it’s hilarious no matter what. There is more to Dar than fart and dick jokes though, a lot of it is more like a documented expression of the author’s journey to understand/ educate others on her own sexual identity.


I am not about to begin explaining Erika Moen’s sexual identity to you, first of all I believe it has taken years for the lady herself to come up with an explanation, secondly if you’re curious about that it’s probably best to just read the stinkin’ comic – trust me, eventually it all starts making sense lol. Now I told you Dar was the first webcomic to ever inspire me to create my own, and you may now be wondering one of two things, one what about Dar inspired me, and two where the eff are my comics anyhow? I think what inspired me most about Dar was it’s explicit honesty and openness to the world, nothing is held back. I want that kind of honesty in my comics, I’m just not finished making them yet. I need more time to devote to it, you should see something online this summer once I’m out of school at least. What is reassuring is as brutally honest as Erika can be she has her own fears about her work as well, as shown in the link below:

As you read you may find yourself falling in love with Erika as well, it’s hard not to. She is so brutally honest about her life it’s endearing, in all of the things she’s done she has incorporated respect and kindness somehow. Many many other artists I follow who know her have also said incredible things about her, even random fans who may have only seen her once at a con have confirmed her kindness. I can only hope to gain that type of reputation one day.



If you want to learn more about Erika Moen, or are interested in reading her other comics as well, maybe even purchasing some of her artwork, you can check it all out on her website:  Enjoy!!

Subculture of One!

SO, earlier today I promised a follow-up post featuring the absolute first webcomic I ever read, it just so happens to be the first webcomic I ever enjoyed and followed too!! I present you with Rachel Nabors’ sassy autobiographical comic Rachel the Great! It was formerly called Subculture of One but she changed it sometime later down the road. If you’re interested Nabor’s has a three part mini series in her archives called You Might be a Subculture of One if.. which obviously answers that question, and is previewed in the image above^. This is not your usual webcomic, Nabors has been doing this for many years and true to her nature has gone a somewhat different direction in her comics. For example you won’t find one long stream of comics with an unevolving world filled with ever-changing characters, instead you get chunks of different comic categories where, though the art improves, the snarkiness pretty much stays the same.


In 2005 when I was around the very uncomfortable age of 13 I found (the link is there but I do not recommended it). is a place for teenage girls to explore what it means to be a girl, connect with others, and to learn more about yourself and your body. Or at least that’s the purpose it served for me when I was that age, actually now it’s just a bunch of shit on the internet. Except for one small gem which still exists on the site, and that is Subculture of One.*


This was the perfect introduction to webcomics for me at the time because I just ate up her sarcasm and general disregard for anyone besides herself and her cat Tuna, I thought Rachel Nabors was the coolest chick on the planet! She wrote about the bands I listened to, she wore the clothes I wished I could wear, a lot of her comics featured the things she hated (check out her Things that Rub me the Wrong Way series), she even wrote about controversial topics like masturbation and sex! I was like woah, this person fears nothing. I went from casually visiting to checking back every night for new comic updates. I literally owe my now passion for webcomics to Rachel Nabors, after discovering her comic I read all the other comics on, some were good though must of them sucked.. Soon I became engrossed in the world of digital art. Since that year I have spent hours on end just about every single night reading webcomics, I can’t get enough. To this day I want to do what she is doing, and until recently I didn’t even know she was doing it! That is being a successful web designer while making comics on the side.

I have to say though, Rachel the Great may have suited my sense of humor perfectly back then but now I feel like I’ve somehow grown out of it. That is not to say it isn’t funny anymore or is any less good then it ever was, just that I associate it with my 13yr old self I guess. In other words, its not like I’ve matured out of it, just grown away from it if that makes sense? That being said I don’t know what age demographic to recommend it to, so I just say everyone go take a look at it! I know I do every now and then for old times sake 🙂

Now that I let you into my childhood a bit, for my next post you can see what I was into freshman year of college! The next comic is the one that inspired me to begin creating my own, so keep an eye out for it! Thanks guys. R.Jorg out.

*Subculture of One is fully hosted on Rachel Nabor’s own website now at along with her other work.

Where I’ve been the past couple weeks:

Ok guys I have to apologize for my lack of posts lately. Truth is I just returned to school after driving 5000+ miles across the United States, literally from the east to west coast, so between shotty hotel wifi and a general lack of time I have not been able to keep up like I thought I would.. For those interested above is what our travels looked like (my beau’s and mine), beginning and ending in TN^^

And this is what came of it all:


That’s right, my fiance drove me across the country, stopping everyday somewhere cool to do something amazing, all with the intent of proposing to me a mile up in a hot air balloon over Gilbert AZ. He did just that, we hiked mountains, ran into wildlife, enjoyed national monuments, held each other tight while trying to decide if the Grand Canyon was actually real even though we stood quite literally at the edge of it’s enormous cliffs, nearly crashed our balloon, explored Santa Monica pier, dipped our toes in the Pacific, danced in LA, stayed in the desert with some of the loveliest people, celebrated with family in Atl, and finally returned to school. After reading over that paragraph I realize what an understatement it is! Seriously folks we did it all, and we had a great time. After being together for almost 6yrs I’m finally going to marry the love of my life, I couldn’t be more happy.

All of that being said I am now ready to get back into the swing of things, expect two new posts to follow this one, including the first webcomic I ever read back in 2005 and the first webcomic to inspire me to create my own! Check em’ out! 😀


Stripsearch has begun!!!!!! :D

Do you guys remember my earlier post about Strip Search? Well guess what? It’s finally here!! It airs every Tuesday and Friday on Penny Arcade, but you can also watch the episodes here, so whatever floats your boat! Enjoy :]

Truly quite tragic indeed..

Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen, I present you with Benjamin Dewey’s Tragedy Series.

“Depictions drawn from regrettable accounts of the less fortunate for purposes of instruction; so that one may avoid similar missteps.”

Yes, I do believe the situations depicted in these illustrations are truly quite tragic indeed! And funny, and creative, and even thought and discussion provoking at times. This is one of those diamond in the rough situations, literally one of the best webcomics out there in my opinion, and oddly enough found on tumblr.. For this comic I feel like the best description would be the comics themselves, feel free to peruse the few I posted below:

tumblr_mgqmv1NJMe1r0o12to1_500 tumblr_mhgerwFvun1r0o12to1_r1_500 tumblr_mi2yuuELnm1r0o12to1_500 tumblr_min52uSsoT1r0o12to1_500


I may as well have just handed you crack, now that you’ve had a taste there isn’t any going back is there? You’re welcome.

Review: Nedroid !! :D

Above is my favorite Nedroid strip of all time. I LOVE THIS COMIC. IT MAKES ME LAUGH. HA HA. HA. HA. Surely even if you’re not that into webcomics (weirdo) you have at least heard of Nedroid before. It is by Anthony Clark a.k.a. that guys who posts hilarious things to the internet, and it is justly popular. If ever I need some cheering up I just go to the website and hit random comic over and over again, I have yet to be disappointed. But wait there is more than meets the eye!! You people have to follow Anthony on twitter, his wit never ends, and he is constantly posting up quickie sketches on there. Actually you never really do get the full webcomic experience until you’ve followed the author on twitter.. I speak truth! ( Adjectives to describe Nedroid: funny, clever, random, cool, etc. You get the picture.. Oh! speaking of pictures you can get, Anthony recently put six new prints up for sale, you can find them here: Enjoy!!